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Robert Leslie Way :: The LOONS Flyfishing Club

Robert L. Way :: The LOONS Flyfishing ClubROBERT L. WAY or ‘No Way’ Way was a nickname he earned for his resolve to be the last one off the water, often fishing into the dark on a favoured stillwater… especially productive waters!

Rob became a LOON in 1988, just one year after The LOONS Flyfishing Club became official in 1987 as a Society dedicated to the sport and art of fly fishing, and British Columbia’s fisheries. His commitment to fly fishing all in, being an advocate for fish and their environs, his passion and ethic for conservation as and when needed, and his easy going personality… all attributes of being a LOON.

Rob also designed the logo for The LOONS Flyfishing Club, which is featured in our web site header. He was our ‘go to’ guy with respect to liaison with the BC Federation of Fly Fishers (BCFFF) and the Outdoor Recreation Council of BC (ORC) over many years. Always there, always caring and… bringing home news and updates on these two organizations to fellow members of the club.

It is with regrets we took the news of his passing on September 11th 2016… we lost a long-time, committed member. The LOONS have published a ‘Remembering Rob Way‘ page on our web site. Please check it out as it is a heartfelt tribute written by Stephen Sawchuk, one of the club founders and a longtime friend of Rob ‘No Way’ Way.

Rob… you will be missed. Here’s to wishing you peace of mind and tight lines wherever you may be!

The LOONS Flyfishing Club

The LOONS Flyfishing Club

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