Riverblue :: Mark Angelo

RIVERBLUE, the highly anticipated feature length film, is coming this fall. This global river documentary follows renowned paddler and river advocate, Mark Angelo, on an unprecedented, multi-year adventure by river; an amazing around-the-world journey aimed at better protecting all waterways. Along the way, the film-makers also ended up taking the first in-depth look at the … Read more


BC Federation of Fly Fishers (BCFFF) logo :: design by Richard Mayer + Albert Sawchuck

MEMBERS OF THE LOONS FLYFISHING CLUB and guests are invited to attend the BC Federation of Fly Fishers (BCFFF) Annual General Meeting on May 17th 2014. For more information, please read the BCFFF Invite. * * * * * * * * * The LOONS Executive encourage all members to take part in this annual … Read more

March for Wild Salmon

RAISING OUR COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS will make a difference. To quote one of many involved… “The people are rekindling the bright fire of our ancestors and we are carrying it through the darkness of these times when people in power follow the lure of greed, materialism and ambitions to ever-expand businesses like big oil and open … Read more

If You Want WILD Salmon

May 23rd 2012 IN TWO WEEKS THE PROVINCE OF BC wants to make it illegal to talk about reportable diseases in animals destined for human consumption. They also seek to amend the Offence Act so that the punishment can be maximum for talking about reportable diseases in animals/fish people are going to eat. I am … Read more

Gutting the Fisheries Act

by: Gus Van Harten Among the Harper government’s latest environmental reforms – packed like sardines into the budget – Canada’s Fisheries Act will soon protect fish habitat only in designated waterways. So long minister, and thanks for all the dead fish. How did the federal budget come to this? It used to be that fish … Read more