SSBC Fundraiser

May 28th 2012

THE LOONS ARE COMMITTED TO SUPPORTING OTHER ORGANIZATIONS who share common vision, goals and purpose. This post now forms part of our archives and will serve as notice that we support The Steelhead Society of British Columbia in their efforts to ensure there are WILD steelhead in BC waters for generations to come.

On that note, we encourage all readers of The Quiver to visit the SSBC web site to bring yourself up-to-date on initiatives of the SSBC.

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Original post on October 17th 2011

Fellow LOONS,

THE STEELHEAD SOCIETY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA is hosting a fundraiser for BC Steelhead on Wednesday, November 23rd 2011 at The Bourbon at 50 West Cordova Street in Vancouver, BC.

For more info, visit the… SSBC web site

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