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Shadow box | Mike Martinek | Mikes-Red-Ghost-Special | 21.5x6.5cm | Originally designed in the 1968 as a Red Ghost variation, the Mike’s Red Ghost Special is one of Mike Martinek’s signature patterns (along with the Sandbar Smelt and Royal Marine). Red flies have proven successful for near-surface, early-season trolling for landlocked salmon. The shortened gray hackles were incorporated to ‘tame’ or ‘tone down’ the red wing and provide a more smelt-like shading. This streamer is particularly effective on dark, overcast days with a spitting rain. | Mike Martinek Jr. – In the 1960’s a young Mike Martinek began attending the newly formed United Fly Tyers meetings in his home state of Massachusetts. Enamoured with streamer flies, a frequent subject at these meetings, he began tying the patterns of early streamer masters like Herb Welch, Bill Edson and Carrie Stevens. At one particular meeting, fly historian Austin Hogan took note and offered to take Mike under his wing, showing him the characteristic differences between particular styles of streamers like those of Mrs. Stevens. (note there is some minor marks on the frame)

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