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Mark Angelo

RIVERBLUE, the highly anticipated feature length film, is coming this fall. This global river documentary follows renowned paddler and river advocate, Mark Angelo, on an unprecedented, multi-year adventure by river; an amazing around-the-world journey aimed at better protecting all waterways. Along the way, the film-makers also ended up taking the first in-depth look at the textile and tannery sectors, two of the worst industrial freshwater polluters on the planet.

RiverBlue is visually stunning and filled with compelling personal stories. Most importantly, the film aims to bring the river conservation message to a new and broader audience and strives to be an agent for positive change on behalf of all rivers.

Check out the trailer at… vimeo.com/91407708 …and join the conversation on Facebook.

Scott Denkers
World Rivers Day communications coordinator

The LOONS Flyfishing Club

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