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Stillwater dry flies :: The LOONS Flyfishing Club

FLY TYING WILL BE GEARED to club fishouts and/or the special interests of members who want to get together and ‘tie one on’!

Tying sessions will be organized by a lead tyer with other members assisting as required. Members who would like to contribute ideas and patterns to focus the evening are encouraged to contact the Executive.

With fishouts of a mixed ‘creel’, this means a diverse array of patterns will be needed to ensure fly boxes are complete with those irresistible ties that could make or break the trip. Sessions in preparation for these fishouts will focus on prime patterns, materials and tying.

For the die hard tyers in the club, method sessions on specific patterns, or styles of tying, eg… favourites, originals, classics, speys or special ties …could be arranged.

Members are encouraged to come out and get tyin’… we have a great location for fly tying with ample room, good lighting and so on.

Let’s tie one on!!!

The LOONS Flyfishing Club