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STILLWATER FLIES TO INCLUDE IN YOUR FLY BOX are as diverse as the waters one intends to fish. The flies featured below are a cross-section of essentials that emulate the baitfish that trout key in on…

McCloud Stickleback by Chris J Wesson :: The LOONS Flyfishing Club

McCloud Stickleback
  • Hook: Streamer hook #2 to #8
  • Rib: Silver wire
  • Body: Silver or pearl tinsel chenille small or medium
  • Tail/Wing: 2 to 4 neck or saddle hackles (colour to suit) with your choice of flash material down sides
  • Overwing: Marabou (colour to suit)
  • Belly: White marabou
  • Throat: Short red marabou
  • Collar: Few turns of neck or saddle hackle (colour to suit)

NoteFly works well tied in olive with olive grizzly hackles. You can tie it to suit almost any baitfish. Reverse wrap the wire when lashing the hackles to the body… you will find it much easier!

Shimmer Minnow by Chris J Wesson :: The LOONS Flyfishing Club

Shimmer Minnow
  • Hook: Tiemco 800, 811S or equivalent #6 to #3/0
  • Tail: Light gray ‘Larva Lace Shimmer’ combed out to taper ends
  • Body: Light gray and olive shimmer tied in three separate sections with light on bottom, dark on top and blended into previous section
  • Head: Butts of front section are pulled back over front of body and thread dam used to hold it all back; use Softex to cover front of body
  • Eyes: Glue stick-on eyes to sides and cover with epoxy or light-cured resin

NoteThis fly is a little tricky to describe, but once you get the hang of tying it, you can use this fly to imitate almost any baitfish. I tie it up to 3/0 for salt water use.

Matuka Sculpin by Chris J Wesson :: The LOONS Flyfishing Club

Matuka Sculpin
  • Weight: A few wraps of .025 lead wire
  • Hook: Streamer hook #8 to #2
  • Rib: Copper wire
  • Body: Arizona semi seal light peacock mixed with a little olive ice; dub in dubbing loop and pick out
  • Tail/Wing: 2 to 4 olive grizzly neck or saddle hackles
  • Throat: Red yarn
  • Collar: Olive deer hair
  • Head: Olive deer hair spun and clipped

Bunny Sculpin by Chris J Wesson :: The LOONS Flyfishing Club

Bunny Sculpin
  • Hook: Straight eye streamer Tiemco 200R in #6 to #2
  • Eyes: Dumbbell or beadchain tied to top of hook
  • Tail: Grizzly magnum zonker strip, dyed barred olive
  • Body: Polar chenille olive/copper
  • Collar:  Olive grizzly schlappen followed by olive deer hair
  • Head: Olive deer hair spun and clipped

NoteFly rides inverted in the water so poke the zonker strip through the hook about 1/4 inch before the tie-in point. Make sure you tie it in so the fur side of the strip is on top when fished… tie it in upside down.

If you have questions about these patterns, please email Chris Wesson.

The LOONS Flyfishing Club

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