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photo: Kevin Mayer © 2003

MATCHING THE HATCH, an oft-used phrase to describe fly patterns which closely emulate the natural, is at the root of ‘solving the puzzle’. Knowing what, when, why and how will greatly influence pattern design to ensure success on the water.

Innovation and creativity, combined with the knowledge of what the fish are feeding on, key physical attributes and seasonal availability of this food source, result in… ‘killer’ ties – patterns that produce time-and-time again.

Original ties featured in this section of our web site are designed by club members. In tribute to the late Mike Maxwell, our veteran speyfisher, two patterns that he developed… Telkwa Stone Dry and Telkwa Nymph …have stood the ‘test of time’ for wild steelhead on the Bulkley River.

Links to features on original ties will include… pattern photo, dressing, its originator and a brief history.

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The LOONS Flyfishing Club