Fly Patterns

Damselfly shuck :: The LOONS Flyfishing Club

Damselfly shuck on stillwater foliage | photo © Richard Mayer 2010

EMULATING THE NATURAL IS KEY to one’s success when fly fishing, be it on stillwaters or rivers and streams. Using the right pattern and fishing it well will make all the difference to your time on the water!

With fishouts of a mixed ‘creel’, this means a diverse array of patterns will be needed to ensure fly boxes are complete with those irresistible ties that could make or break the trip. Sessions in preparation for these fishouts will focus on prime patterns, materials and tying.

The flies showcased on The LOONS Flyfishing Club web site are a collection of member favourites, originals, classics, speys or special ties.

The LOONS Flyfishing Club

The LOONS Flyfishing Club