New Skeena Steelhead Regulations April 1, 2012

Hello Everyone,

As individuals who participated in the Skeena Quality Waters Strategy process, I would like to inform you that on October 12, 2011 Government approved the endorsed recommendations for Angling Management Plans.  These regulation changes will be effective on April 1, 2012.  To learn more, please visit At this site, you will find links to:

River specific regulation changes (pages 36-38)

Media release from October 13, 2011

The goal of these changes is to preserve the quality of angling experience for resident anglers and ensure all stakeholders continue to gain from the tremendous social and economic benefits created by the Skeena steelhead fishery.  These regulation changes also include benefits to angling guides through new rod days and potentially broader benefits to business and tourism operators by encouraging visiting anglers to move throughout the region during their fishing trip.

The ministry will be monitoring Angling Management Plans to determine their effectiveness in the future. Classified Water licence sales data, angling guide reports and tourism indicators will be monitored and used to adaptively manage these plans.

Your time and energy dedicated to this process is appreciated.


Jane Lloyd-Smith
Director of Resource Management
Skeena Region

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