Club Lending Library

B1Kamloops An Angler’s Study of Kamloops TroutRaymond, Steve
B2The Estuary Flyfisher, (Deluxe and Signed Edition 127/230)Raymond, Steve
B3The Gilly A Flyfisher’s Guide Davy, Alfred G.
B4Fly Patterns for Stillwaters A Study of Trout, Entomology and Tying Rowley, Philip
B5Morris & Chan on Fly Fishing Trout LakesMorris, Skip & Chan, Brian
B6The American Sportsman TreasuryMason, Jerry (Ed. In chief)
B7Pacific Northwest Fly PatternsPatrick, Roy A.
B8Classic Salmon Flies: History & PatternsFrodin, Mikael
B9A Book of Trout FliesJennings, Preston
B10Fishes of the Pacific Coast of CanadaClemens, W.A. & G.V. Wilby
B11How to Fish from Top to BottomGordon, Sid
B12Fly Fishing for Trout, salmon, Bass & PanfishSteel, Frank R
B13Salar the SalmonWilliamson, William
B14Fallodon PapersGrey, Sir Edward
B15Family Circle’s Guide to Trout FliesFamily Circle
B16Family CampingBetter Homes & Gardens
B17McClane’s Great Hunting & FishingMcClane, A.J. (Ed.)
B18McClane’s New Standard Fishing EncyclopediaA.J. McClane
M1American Angler / 1996January/February
M2American AnglerMarch/April
M3American Angler / 1995January/February
M4American AnglerMarch/April
M5American Angler May/June
M6American Angler July/August
M7American Angler September/October
M8American Angler November/December
M9American Angler / 1994March/April
M10American Angler May/June
M11American Angler July/August
M12American Angler September/October
M13American Angler November/December
M14American Angle / 1993January/February
M15American Angler May/June
M16American Angler July/August
M17American Angler September/October
M18American Angler November/December
M19American Angler / 1992January/February
M20American Angler March/April
M21American Angler May/June
M22American Angler July/August
M23American Angler September/October
M24American Angler November/December
M25American Angler / 1991January/February
M26American Angler March/April
M27American Angler May/June
M28American Angler July/August
M29American Angler September/October
M30American Angler November/December
M31American Angler & Fly Tyer/1990Spring
M32American Angler & Fly TyerSummer
M33American Angler & Fly TyerFall
M34American Angler & Fly TyerWinter
M35American Angler & Fly Tyer/1989Spring
M36American Angler & Fly TyerSummer
M37American Angler & Fly TyerFall
M38American Angler & Fly TyerWinter
M39American Angler & Fly Tyer/1988Spring
M40American Angler & Fly TyerSummer
M41American Angler & Fly TyerFall
M42American Angler & Fly TyerWinter
M43American Angler & Fly Tyer/1987Fall
V1LoonsPeter RobertsDVDVHS
V2The Essence of FlycastingMel KriegerDVDVHS
V3FlyFishing Tips From The Treaveling Fly FishermanJack DennisDVDVHS
V4Where The Trout Are - Produced in Cooperation with FFFGary BorgerDVDVHS
V5Mel Krieger's PatagoniaMel KriegerDVD
V6Steelhead WaysFly Fish TV, DVD
V7RIO's Modern Spey Casting disks 1-3RIODVD
V8How to Catch Steelhead, Salmon, and TroutGofish BCDVD
V9FlyFishing Still Waters Chironomid TechniquesBrian Chan/Don FreschiDVD

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