March for Wild Salmon

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Eddie Gardner

RAISING OUR COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS will make a difference. To quote one of many involved…

“The people are rekindling the bright fire of our ancestors and we are carrying it through the darkness of these times when people in power follow the lure of greed, materialism and ambitions to ever-expand businesses like big oil and open net fish farms around the world at the expense of desecrating sacred Mother Earth with pollution. We are growing in putting our torches of enlightenment to raise the consciousness of the people in a new direction for the well being future generations. When we all do this, we will have plenty for everyone, and we will honour those ancestors who left us the vision of being in balance and harmony with Mother Earth. Let us follow these sacred laws in our own enlightened collective best interest.”

Eddie Gardner, Skwah First Nation and Wild Salmon Warrior Elder

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If you will be in Vancouver on March 1st 2013, makes plans to attend the March for Wild Salmon. For more info on this event, please visit…

The LOONS Flyfishing Club

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