Thompson River May 2019

The first day I arrived Thursday I found that I had left all my flies (dries and nymphs) at home. So I went to the Grubstake Grocery store and bought most of what they had. Some passable imitations of leeches and wooly buggers that I clipped into a stonefly nymph pattern. Started fishing at Juniper Beach. After about an hour I put on a size 12-14 bead head black chironomid- real lake stuff. Immediately I had a big fish on and to shore but tossed the fly before I could say I released him. After hat I stuck with the chironomid pattern and hooked up with a nice 14″ fish I got to hand. The previous one that flipped the fly was quite a bit larger. Had to go set up camp so called it quits about 5 pm.

At the Husky the next day I met a young woman in waders by the name of Nash who told me she had good action up at Wallachin so I headed up there. When I got there she was already on the water. This was a very slow morning and didnt have any indication that there were fish in the river, no bugs and no stonefly husks. Seemed early. After meeting up with the guys at noon we went back to Wallachin but this time I was into one nice fish on the chironomid and them later another beauty maybe 18-19″ . Walter was nice enough to capture this one in one of the photos.

The next day I fished the morning at Ashcroft but nothing was active so headed home at noon.

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The LOONS Flyfishing Club

The LOONS Flyfishing Club