Thompson River 2018

The air was thick with smoke from the forest fires, Very HOT Temps, Wind, Rain, Thunder, and Lighting. This made for a very eventful fishing trip. 

Day 1,
Jim W. and Chuck V. fished the Ashcroft area. Jim got two real nice fish, biggest was estimated to be 19″ (sorry no pic’s Jim’s fish). I got a few little ones. The temperature was 39 Deg C!! Steve N. had arrived later that day.

Day 2,
We meet at the Husky Station for breakfast where Howard N. meet up with us. We went to the Walhachin area to fish. We got some fish but it was not steller fishing. We stopped for a late BBQ lunch. After  lunch Jim W. departed for home. The we decided to take the afternoon off, have an early dinner then fish until dark. Will little did we know a storm would blow into town. The wind was wild and the rain, thunder, and lighting want on most of the night. The photos you see at the motel were taken a 4:30pm, but it looks like 10:00pm! As you have guessed we did not go fishing that night. Pizza, Wine and some good conversations were the highlight for the night.

Day 3,
The day started with road closures all around us due to mud and rock slides! We went for breakfast then decided to fish Ashcroft area. Fishing was slow we were getting small fish most of the morning. Steve N. got one nice fish just before noon. then we packed up and headed home. Steve and I went thought Logan Lake to the #5 Hwy. Howard had to stay in Cache Creek most of the day to wait for the road to Clinton to open up.

Cheers Chuck

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The LOONS Flyfishing Club

The LOONS Flyfishing Club