Casting Clinics

Kevin Mayer practising his speycasting :: The LOONS Flyfishing Club

Kevin Mayer practising his spey cast on the Capilano River | Richard Mayer © photo

Peter Morrison at LFFC Casting Clinic 2010 :: The LOONS Flyfishing ClubTHE LOONS FLYFISHING CLUB has hosted numerous casting clinics over the years from casting on the practice pond in Central Park, Burnaby, BC, to sessions with double-handed spey rods on the Fraser River.

In tribute to a master caster and fly fishing enthusiast… Peter Morrison …the club has honoured the relationship our members had with Peter by proclaiming our casting clinics in his name.

Bless you Peter as your time was always appreciated by the LOONS… may the fly fishing gods find you in good spirits and catch you on heavenly waters chasing liquid silver!

Launching our casting clinic stream with this year’s clinic, which took place Saturday, April 23rd…

While these clinics are primarily for club members, those interested in learning more about the art of fly casting… single- and double-handed rods …are encouraged to come watch, join in and learn. Rods, reels and lines are being provided by the club members… if you have a favoured rod you’d like to bring, we’ll see you on the pond in Central Park!

LFFC Casting Clinic 2007 :: The LOONS Flyfishing Club

Double-hand spey casting clinic on the Fraser River | Chuck Vaugeois © photo

Time permitting, pages with images from the club’s legacy clinics will be added to our web site.

We encourage you to check back on a regular basis.

The LOONS Flyfishing Club

The LOONS Flyfishing Club