Fundraising for BC Fish

22" Roche Lake Rainbow

British Columbia is world-renowned for our province’s fisheries in both stillwater and stream… silvered beauties to entice to our flies!

THE LOONS FLYFISHING CLUB WILL BE TAKING OUR FUNDRAISING ONLINE, to complement or support the fundraising we do at hosted events. We unveiled our eFundraising Campaign – in part – at the LFFC 25th Anniversary Celebration on November 5th 2011 in Vancouver, BC.

Our eFundraising Campaign will showcase many wonderful items, with something in mind for the fisher and non-fisher alike! Links will be provided to allow prospective bidders and supporters to place bids on e-auction items or to buy tickets where the items are being offered as a raffle. In the latter case, you will be able to buy your tickets, submit payment and receive the tickets you purchase… online!

To get the ball rolling, the LOONS are showcasing a selection of items to whet your appetite.

When we officially launch our eFundraising Campaign we encourage you to revisit our site and peruse our Fundraising for BC Fish offerings! We will also be including an e-subscription feature so you can sign up to receive any announcements that will be sent out.

We’re excited about the prospects of raising funds to grow the LFFC Endowment Fund so we can continue the great work that The LOONS Flyfishing Club has done through the years since our founding in 1987… we hope that you will support our efforts to ensure sustainable fisheries in British Columbia remain for future generations to know and enjoy!

The LOONS Flyfishing Club