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BCIT | BCIT Foundation :: The LOONS Flyfishing ClubTHE LOONS FLYFISHING CLUB is pleased to announce the LFFC Endowment Fund made a significant step forward in February 2016… an arrangement was set up with the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) to manage the Fund and to receive donations to grow this Fund.  Read on…

Damselfly shuck :: The LOONS Flyfishing ClubPURPOSE:  One of the stated purposes of our club is to… promote fly fishing and the conservation of the fishing environment. The club, through member donations, has raised a sufficient sum of capital to create The LOONS Flyfishing Club Endowment Fund to provide a Graduating Achievement Award (GA Award) for students enrolled in the Wildlife and Recreation Program at BCIT. Recipients will have achieved a combination of high academic standing, leadership, service and best all-round performance as selected by the program faculty.

Roche Lake rainbow trout :: The LOONS Flyfishing ClubStudents who also have a demonstrated interest in rivers, which may include, but not be limited to, work on a river-related project; related work experience; producing an applied research paper; oral presentations and display projects for BCIT’s Open House.

PRESENT STATUS:  The GA Award was started in 2016 and the first recipient will be in the Spring Convocation of 2017. Since the GA Award is an interest-funded award based on the endowed capital, it is important that donations continue to build the principal fund so students may receive a modest, but meaningful, award funded only by the interest accruing on the capital.

How to make a donation and receive a tax credit receipt for your donation…

  1. Send a cheque payable to the BCIT Foundation and include a note saying it’s for The LOONS Flyfishing Club Endowment Fund. You’ll receive a hard copy tax receipt in the mail.
  2. Donate online using our “Online Form“. Under the heading Donation Designation please check “Student Awards”.  The very last  box of this form asks for any “Additional Information”  you should state ” For The Loons Flyfishing Graduating Academic Award endowed by The Loons Flyfishing Club”. You may or may not also include mention that your donation be in memory of a person or notable club member. If you wish to receive a tax receipt by email, please provide a current email address for yourself.
  3. Donate over the phone using a credit card by calling the BCIT Foundation at 604.432.8803. When your donation is processed, you’ll receive a hard copy tax receipt in the mail.
Robert L Way on Upper Pitt River :: The LOONS Flyfishing Club

Robert L. Way

Alan O. Steeves

Alan O. Steeves

Given the recent passing of a long-time member Rob Way, you may choose to make a donation to the Fund in memory of Rob. Yet another member who could be named who is no longer with us… Alan Steeves …he donated his time and creativity to the club over many years; more recently, the design and creation of original art in his signature style, to commemorate the club’s 25th Anniversary in 2012.

The LOONS Flyfishing Club looks forward to your support in growing a very worthy Fund, one that stems from our vision and goals to make a difference in the sport and art of fly fishing, and British Columbia’s fisheries. Deserving students, BC’s fish, their environs and fly fishing will be all the better for it!

Here is a list of BCIT students who have received the The Loons Flyfishing Club Award.

YearNameProgramAward Amount
2022Gillian SteeleFish, Wildlife and Recreation$627
2021Olivia FrancoFish, Wildlife and Recreation$574
2020Jef VreysFish, Wildlife and Recreation$555
2019Morgan DunneFish, Wildlife and Recreation$561
2018Julia LarsonFish, Wildlife and Recreation$529
2017Tyler Thibault
Fish, Wildlife and Recreation$473

The LOONS Flyfishing Club

The LOONS Flyfishing Club