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Fish ~ Flies ~ Fishing | Richard Mayer © photos Chilliwack's All About Fishing! :: The LOONS Flyfishing ClubAN UPDATE ON THE MARCH 12th event. It is coming together very nicely… 40 groups, including the Osprey Fly Fishers and The LOONS Flyfishing Club, have been invited to participate and most will attend. For the fly fishing section, small stands or bleachers will be set up for the fly casting area for people to sit and watch or wait. There will be lots of tables available to set up a row of fly tying stations. So far about half a dozen very creative individuals have signed up who will be taking over the arts and crafts section for the younger kids. The theme is river habitat and a large painting will be created on site by all the kids.

The organizer is still waiting to hear from the National Youth Fly Fishing Team to see how many members are expected to attend, before giving everyone a task. There is a promotional poster for the event in PDF format for downloading and redistribution by email. Check out the event web site for more info.

Note to LOONS members… a sign up list will be circulated at our meetings. Categories of general, fly tying, casting and art will be offered.

Update to the the day click on this link

The LOONS Flyfishing Club

The LOONS Flyfishing Club

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