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Lethal Salmon Virus Detected in 4 Species

Pacific Salmon by Les Bazso

November 3rd 2011… AN ARTICLE IN THE VANCOUVER SUN reported further findings of the lethal ISA virus in more species of Pacific wild salmon. To read the full article, click here. This article reinforces the need that all who care about the perpetuity of BC’s iconic wild salmon do need to unite and kick some … Read more

Removal of Atlantic Salmon Feedlots from BC

Here’s the link to the WGFCI press release that calls for the removal of Atlantic salmon feedlots from British Columbia’s marine environment. Please feel free to share this with your media contacts and others. Thank you, Sincerely, JAMES E. WILCOX Publisher / Co-editor: LEGACY Wild Game Fish Conservation International Web:

New Skeena Steelhead Regulations April 1, 2012

Hello Everyone, As individuals who participated in the Skeena Quality Waters Strategy process, I would like to inform you that on October 12, 2011 Government approved the endorsed recommendations for Angling Management Plans.  These regulation changes will be effective on April 1, 2012.  To learn more, please visit At this site, you will find … Read more

BC Endangered Rivers List 2018

Dear River Advocates; The 2018 BC Endangered Rivers List by the Outdoor Recreation Council of BC (ORC). Attached is today’s press release… Endangered River Release 2018 For more background detail on each river, visit the ORC web site at…