Chuck Vaugeois

Chuck Vaugeois

An Adventure in Argentina with Charles Lingren and Bob Clay

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The healing of the “donut hole” in the Skagit Valley Provincial Park

I started fishing the Skagit River in 1981. The river access was rough in those days and I would often go entire days without spotting another person. Things have changed now but the closing of the “donut hole” is a change for the better. Most people fishing the Skagit today did not know of the … Read more

Art Lingren – The Artistry of Angling

Art is undoubtedly the preeminent historian of flyfishing in British Columbia. His extensive work also covers the Pacific Northwest in the US. Art’s latest book on Syd Glasso brings the number of his published works to twenty. He has always given freely and unselfishly of his time to anyone wanting to talk fishing, conservation issues … Read more

The Dog Days of Summer

  The Dog Days of Summer are finally behind us and the smell of Autumn is just around the corner.  With these cooler temperatures brings endless opportunities to fling our fly for all your heart’s desires. Stillwater fishing will start to pick up as trout look to fatten up for the winter. This can be … Read more

Squamish River Pink Salmon Fishout 2021: Summary

Wednesday 1 September was a beautiful day to be on the Squamish.  While only Willie and myself made the trek up to the river, it was a thoroughly enjoyable day.  Water conditions were iffy:  the river had dropped quite a bit from the previous weekend, but water clarity was 6 inches! Yet the pinks were … Read more