What’s in a Name?

Albert Sawchuk

Albert Sawchuk

THE FOUNDING OF THE LOONS FLYFISHING CLUB took place one Wednesday evening more than 30 years ago at a weekly billiards get together with fishing buddies… Rick, Paolo, Stephen and myself.

A previous weekend’s fly fishing outing found us, as usual, working the Harrison area. Coming upon some fellow fly fishers from a local Vancouver Club, we enquired about getting some local fishing knowledge from them, but alas to no avail. The other parties comment to us when asked for help was… “Put in your time just as we have had to and then you will know what to do.”

Upon re-hashing our angst with their answer to our earnest request over the pool table after several beers each, that night, I announced we did not need those guys. “Why don’t we create our own fly fishing club?”

To much fanfare and agreement, the idea was unanimously supported. From one of the group came the reply… “Well, what should we call our club?” I shot back… “The LOONS Flyfishing Club!” Further discussion found us commenting that, after all, we were noted for being a ‘loony’ bunch of characters, besides the obvious reference to the fact that ‘loons’ were great fishers and a symbol that all would understand. It was official. Our club would be called… The LOONS Flyfishing Club.

In the 30 years that followed, our club is thriving and being true to its humble beginnings. The LOONS are an eclectic and lively group of committed individuals who share a common bond and passion for British Columbia’s fishery, its environment, and the sport and art of fly fishing. Our membership roster ranges in age from 36 to 81 years and covers all classes of membership from… Candidate, Honorary, Associate and Junior to Full Membership. Our members represent a wide range of professional and business vocations as well.

We are proud that we were the first fly fishing club in BC to admit women members (and a grandmother at that!) and Junior Members. During the past 30 years, The LOONS Flyfishing Club collectively has accumulated an impressive creel of dedicated fly fishers and a proud tradition of leadership in BC’s fishery and environmental affairs.

Members in our club have served as dedicated volunteers in several organizations that are responsible for the stewardship of BC’s fishery and the environment…

  • BC Federation of Fly Fishers
  • BC Ministry of Fisheries & Environment
  • Outdoor Recreation Council of BC
  • The Steelhead Society of BC
  • Trout Unlimited Canada – BC Chapter

The successes achieved from the 30 years of dedicated service by club members personify WHO we are and WHAT we do!

Albert C. Sawchuk
Founding Chairman

The LOONS Flyfishing Club