Remembering Rob Way…

THE CLUB LOST LONGTIME MEMBER Rob Way when he passed away on September 11th 2016. To honour one of the flock, The LOONS Flyfishing Club pays tribute to…

Robert L. Way
July 12, 1937 – September 11, 2016
Robert L Way on Upper Pitt River :: The LOONS Flyfishing ClubRobert Leslie Way… a Fly Fisher’s Story

THE YEAR WAS 1981. Rob was married with a young family and was a partner in a very successful architectural practice. It was time for some ‘Rob’ time so the Way family decided to encourage his involvement in fly fishing. Little did they know how much Rob would take to this endeavour. He was hooked!

Rob could soon be found wandering the aisles of Turner’s Fly Shop in Vancouver perusing the merchandise with fishy thoughts. It was here that he met future LOONS founders… Robert Brown, Albert Sawchuk and Stephen Sawchuk. His passion grew further in Turner’s tiny back room where he took flying tying lessons from Roger Turner along with Albert and Stephen.

His passion led him to varied waters, however, he did have his favourites. Whether it was chasing summer steelhead on the Dean and Thompson Rivers or plying the many stillwaters of the Chilcotin plateau, Rob was in his element. Any discussion of his favourite waters would be incomplete without mentioning the family cabin at Timothy Lake. Rob lovingly designed, built and maintained it to the end of his life, and it stands as a testimonial to what mattered most to him… his family.

Rob was not one to sit around. When not fishing, he was involved in fishery and environmental advocacy issues.  He was the LOONS’ liaison with the BC Federation of Fly Fishers (BCFFF) and the Federation’s liaison with the Outdoor Recreational Council (ORC) in BC for a few decades amongst other things. He served the greater good in a thoughtful and unselfish manner, and for that we are thankful.

Rob wasn’t always serious. His low key, wry sense of humour was apparent to those fortunate enough to have known him. He was also able to accept being the brunt of some rather pointed remarks. About 1988 Rob acquired the nickname ‘No Way‘ Way. After a very successful day on Salmon Lake with Richard and Kevin Mayer, Rob insisted on stopping at the Vedder River on the way home because the coho fishing was good and he wasn’t going to miss it… no way. Unfortunately for Richard and Kevin, Rob was driving, regardless of how tired they were. Not surprisingly the trip was a success. His single-minded tenacity was truly legendary. He was usually the first on the water early in the morning and definitely the last off… always in the dark. Once he got into his belly boat he would not get out, for anything… until dark. He was known to remark… “Why bother coming if you’re not going to fish?”

There are other stories, too numerous to mention. It should be noted that Rob always relished his friends’ sarcastic comments.

Someone once said that time on the water in the company of good friends is time well spent. May we appreciate this gift and use it wisely. This certainly applies to our very good friend Rob. He was a highly-principled individual who quietly went about enjoying life and leading by example. A wonderful family man and friend, he will be missed. His legacy to those remaining is the gift of his life.

Cherish the memories.

Stephen Sawchuk

The LOONS will cast a line and wet a fly for Rob whenever we are on the water, especially favoured stillwaters and rivers that he fished over many years. We all have fond memories of Rob Waymay he find willing fish in hallowed waters!

The LOONS Flyfishing Club

The LOONS Flyfishing Club