LFFC 25th Anniversary Speech

GOOD EVENING… my name is Chuck Vaugeois and I am Chairman of The LOONS Flyfishing Club. Today, I welcome all LOONS and their guests, to this, our club’s 25th Anniversary Celebration. I’d like to give you some serious insight as to how this club came to be.

The evolution of The LOONS Flyfishing Club began one evening 27 years ago as Albert Sawchuk and a few of his fly fisher buddies got together for a weekly game of billiards. Just as the cue ball dropped into a corner pocket, someone popped the question “Why don’t we set up our own fly fishing club?” After some back and forth discussion plus a bit of fanfare over a beer, the idea was unanimously confirmed.

One of the lads queried… “What should we call our new club?” Albert shot right back… “The LOONS Flyfishing Club!”

Why you may ask, did he choose this name?

The founders’ discourse that night at the billiard hall brought out the fact that after all, the group was noted for being a ‘loony’ bunch of characters. Besides, the Northern Loon is known as a great fisher and if one was to be chosen as a club symbol, it would relate beautifully.

So during those historic moments at a pub, it became official that we would henceforth be The LOONS Flyfishing Club. Through the quarter century that followed its start in 1986, our club thrived yet remained true to its humble beginnings.

Today, the LOONS comprise an eclectic and lively group of committed individuals who share a passion for British Columbia’s cold water fishery and its environment, plus the sport and art of fly fishing.

We are proud the LOONS became the first fly fishing club in BC to admit a lady member… and a grandmother at that! We pioneered the admission of Junior Members, one of whom competed for BC at the World Youth Fly Fishing Championships in Wales and Ireland… Kevin Mayer

The LOONS have accumulated an impressive membership roster of dedicated fly fishers many of whom arrived from a wide range of professional and business backgrounds. They achieved a proud tradition of our involvement in BC’s fishery and environmental matters. One member is a noted historian and the author of many fine books on flyfishing in British Columbia… Art Lingren

LOONS members have volunteered with positive effect in organizations whose programs focus on the stewardship of BC’s cold water fishery and its habitat. For instance, members are or have been active on committees or boards of…

  • the BC Federation of Fly Fishers
  • the Outdoor Recreation Council of BC
  • the Steelhead Society of BC
  • Trout Unlimited Canada
  • the Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC
  • the BC Habitat Conservation Trust Fund
  • the Freshwater Fishery Regulations Advisory Committee of British Columbia
  • and more!

The achievements from the first 25 years of good times and dedication by our membership personify WHO we are and WHAT we do!

So be with us, as The LOONS Flyfishing Club casts ahead for its second quarter century of fun along with a continuing engagement in the sport of fly fishing and protection of our treasured environment in British Columbia.

Thank you.

Chuck Vaugeois

The LOONS Flyfishing Club