Historic Milestones

Fly fishing the Upper Skagit River by Richard Mayer :: The LOONS Flyfishing Club

Jim White fly fishing the Upper Skagit River | Richard Mayer © photo

FROM THE FIRST MOMENTS WE WET A LINE, we knew we were hooked… it was a textbook case of ‘hook, line and floatant’! Our passion to pursue fish ‘on the fly’ as individuals – and collectively – inspired the founding five to establish a fly fishing club.

The LOONS have enjoyed many milestones since our founding as a club in 1987. The following highlights significant events in our timeline, from most recent to inception…


The LOONS Flyfishing Club will celebrate its 25th Anniversary. A special celebration in November 2011 will launch 12+ months of activities to commemorate this milestone.


Next historical milestone.

1998 – 2001 … TBC!

Members of The LOONS Flyfishing Club became heavily involved in the formation of the BC Chapter of Trout Unlimited Canada, serving as Executive Officers and/or Directors in TUC-BC. Several fisheries initiatives were undertaken by TUC-BC with one significant project extending our ‘hands across the border’, collaborating with Trout Unlimited USA and Trout Unlimited Canada.


Next historical milestone… first female member, etc, etc.


First Junior Member… Kevin Mayer …joins the LOONS with his dad, Richard Mayer.

1993 … TBC!

Members of The LOONS Flyfishing Club become heavily involved in the BC Federation of Fly Fishers, serving as Executive Officers and/or Directors in the BCFFF.


The LOONS Flyfishing Club gets involved in its first fisheries project… Noons Creek …with the financial support from the BCFFF Gilly Fund, engaging many other stakeholders in the design and building of a hatchery building on lower Noons Creek in the community of Port Moody. Completed project in showcased in Fly Lines, the BCFFF newsletter.


Club members participated in the BCFFF AGM hosted at Corbett Lake Country Inn outside Merritt… getting involved in the business of fly fishing, meeting individuals in other BCFFF member clubs, fishing and supporting the Federation’s dinner-auction.


The LOONS Flyfishing Club welcomes new members… Rob Way … others???


The LOONS Flyfishing Club is formalized as a registered Society with five founding membersAlbert Sawchuk, Stephen Sawchuk, Scott Ullrich, Robert Brown and Welly Brown.

preamble to 1987

The idea of forming a club is considered by five fly fishers. Approached the BC Federation of Fly Fishers for assistance in developing a club Constitution and Bylaws.

The LOONS Flyfishing Club

The LOONS Flyfishing Club