Club Founders

Club Founders ~ incomplete and dated :: LFFC

left to right… Albert, Stephen, Scott, Robert and Welly

FOUNDERS OF THE LOONS FLYFISHING CLUB came together for a common purpose to serve a common end… to go fly fishing, to tie flies and to have fun doing so. The five individuals who are the foundation and reason for our club’s existence include…

  • Albert C. Sawchuk
  • Stephen M. Sawchuk
  • R. Scott Ullrich
  • Robert K. Brown
  • Wellington (Welly) E. Brown

Our founders have remained ‘true to their vision’ for 25+ years. It was with regrets that our club lost Welly Brown when he passed away on September 12th 2009. In tribute to one of our founding fathers, the LOONS remember our Golden LOON…

Wellington (Welly) E. Brown
March 27th 1924 – September 12th 2009
Welington (Welly) E. Brown

Welly Brown

In memory of our friend and long-time LOON… Welly Brown

Many of the LOONS have very special memories of fishing with Welly. Even the relative newcomers to the club enjoyed days on the water with him on numerous trips to the Squamish and Harrison rivers to fish for Fall salmon. Whether we landed fish or not on those outings, we remember how much he enjoyed being on the river, of being included on these trips. His attitude reminded us of why we fish… it’s not the catching that matters; more so it’s the getting out and being on the water that provides the most pleasure.

Skip Young – a fellow LOON – recalls how he and Welly enjoyed a special bond on Skagit River fishouts where they exercised ‘elder statesmen rights’ to fish near the picnic site instead of hiking downriver. We’re sure this approach to casting right under their noses yielded more hooked fish than those of us who went further downstream, looking for the ‘big one’ in those proverbial and productive waters.

Welly will always be remembered as a kind, gracious man. We know he is missed by his family, plus all who knew him well. We raised a glass to him at our Christmas gathering in 2009, to share fond memories of our Golden Loon… Welly Brown …may he find willing fish in hallowed waters!

The LOONS Flyfishing Club