LFFC Executive

Club Executive 2019 :: LoonsFlyfishingClub.ca

Executive Officers (l to r)… Stephen, Steve, Jim, Wayne and Howard

Directors at Large 2019 :: LoonsFlyfishingClub.ca

Directors at Large (l to r)… Walter, Mike and Chuck

THE LOONS FLYFISHING CLUB EXECUTIVE are veteran fly fishers and professionals in their respective fields. The Executive Officers and Directors at Large include…

  • Stephen Sawchuk, President
  • Steve Normann, Vice President
  • James White, Secretary
  • Wayne Gibson, Treasurer
  • Howard Normann, Past President
  • Walter Horton, Director at Large
  • Mike Schmidt, Director at Large
  • Chuck Vaugeois, Director at Large

Executive Lineage

A chronology of LOONS Chairmen and years served will be provided at a future date.

The LOONS Flyfishing Club

The LOONS Flyfishing Club