TUC-British Columbia

MEMBERS OF THE LOONS FLYFISHING CLUB were heavily involved in the formation of the BC Chapter of Trout Unlimited Canada in 1998, serving as Executive Officers and/or Directors in TUC-BC. Club members involved during this formative time include…

  • Albert C. Sawchuk
  • R. Scott Ullrich
  • David Giffin
  • Alan O. Steeves
  • Richard J. Mayer
  • complete list pending

Several fisheries initiatives were undertaken by TUC-BC with one significant project extending our ‘hands across the border’, collaborating with Trout Unlimited USA and Trout Unlimited Canada… Resolving the Pacific Salmon Treaty Stalemate

Lots of GREAT photos to showcase the organization, projects, events (YFR drainmarking, Dinner Gala), etc.

The LOONS Flyfishing Club