Fisheries Projects

Placeholder for Fisheries Projects page… subpages under this stream will include general and specific pages that showcase the fisheries work undertaken by the LOONS as a club and/or individual members of the LOONS; listed in chronological order – oldest to most current…

  1. Noons Creek
  2. Mossom Creek
  3. Noons Creek Cutthroat Broodstock
  4. The BCFFF Years
  5. Trout Unlimited Canada – British Columbia
  6. Nicola River Restoration
  7. Yellow Fish Road Drain Marking
  8. Resolving the Pacific Salmon Treaty Stalemate
  9. Upper Skagit Watershed Fish & Wildlife Management Plan
  10. Outdoor Recreation Council
  11. Work with NGOs

Notea separate page (or pages) will be produced for each project… links to these pages may provided for convenience of navigating from this page OR using the primary navigation as drop down/fly out under… Caring for BC Fish > Fisheries Projects > Project.

The LOONS Flyfishing Club