Harrison River 2016 – October


Fall colours on the Harrison River :: The LOONS Flyfishing Club

Fall colours on the Harrison

THE COHO FISHOUT TO THE HARRISON RIVER was a great success, although I would recommend the event name be named to… Chum Fishout!

Twelve LOONS and guests gathered at Kilby Beach on Saturday morning with boats supplied by Mike Schmidt, George Holford, Stuart Malkinson and yours truly. The LOONS Armada departed Kilby around 8:15 or so, armed with walkie talkies supplied by Chuck Vaugeois.

Malkinson Duo ~ Stuart and Richard Mayer ~ fished Vincent Spit where chum were in large supply… a constant flow of chum heading upstream to spawning beds. Richard practised his speycasting with a SAGE 7 weight double-hander ~ first time for Richard with this rod, formerly Kevin’s speyrod. Stuart landed chum using select sizes of a Muddler Minnow.

SS Coho ~ piloted by the intrepid George Holford with Wayne Gibson and Walter Horton on board ~ secured the rights to boast of the one and only coho caught for the day. This happened at the rock wall just up river from the upper mouth of the side channel on the east side. Wayne declared himself the ‘chum master’.

Mike Schmidt’s team ~ Mike, John Field and Chuck Vaugeois ~ reported copious catches of chum, although the area at the mouth of Morris was devoid of salmon.

John Simms’ boat ~ loaded with Jim White, Chris Wesson and James Wells ~ first dropped anchor at the mouth of the side channel near the area where the coho was later caught. No place to beach the boat so three guys managed to fly fish from the boat and 2 chum were played. Next we sped up to the First Nations cemetery, beached the boat and caught chum at the point. Jim caught a particularly large one that took him down to his backing. Chris and James were into fish too. We tried the big rock at Morris, but there was no action. Also tried the golf course where Chris caught another chum using a newly-designed fly.

Lunch was served at Kilby Park around 12:45 just as it started to rain. Jim White supplied paper and firewood, a welcomed fire warming us up. John Field supplied a portable, pop-up canopy and got a team together to set it up… thanks John F …awesome foresight! John Simms arranged food on a picnic table, then the canopy was moved over the table… we all enjoyed a hearty lunch and each others’ company in dryer conditions.

Chuck and Richard took pictures featured in the above slideshow. All in all… a good day!

John Simms
Fishout Gillie

The LOONS Flyfishing Club

The LOONS Flyfishing Club